Come follow my journey! I have no official art training and no real connections to get me into the art world. I am 36 years young and my dream is to become an artist, not just someone who makes art in their basement, but someone who successfully sells their art, and I will not give up on that dream! I would love to break into the world of mixed media art and maybe even have galley shows someday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I know my kids did!
Check out this year's pumpkins, cute huh!

So my artsy fartsy idea of the day, I am going to try and create a "brand" for myself. I am going to create a website for Flying Rabbit Studio, I am going to begin selling my necklaces at craft shows and begin entering every Somerset and cloth paper scissors contest I can. If you know of any other publication for mixed media arts that has challenges, let me know!!
See I am a natural born entrepreneur!

see the lemonade stand at the left!

So necklaces and jewelry making are not really my thing, but I need to do something to finance my art habit. Is that what other people do? How many necklaces do I need to get started? How do I find craft shows? Do I need a vendor's license? All these questions and more plague my mind! I have played around with jewelry in the past, but it never really became my "thing", as most artists know, there is usually one area where when creating the soul just soars with delight!

From the beginning I am trying to go from a nobody with no art training to becoming noticed and successful as an artist and keep in my that I am still trying to finish up nursing school and I have my two kids and boyfriend at home to tend to. Where do I begin?

So I have chosen to start with jewelry. I need an income to create more and to attend classes and workshops yes? To begin with I have chose 3 pieces I have mad and I will make many more along those lines...but then there is the question, do I make my own chains or do I buy them? ahhh so many questions so little time!

These little necklaces are lonley!

Until next time, happy Halloween!

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