Come follow my journey! I have no official art training and no real connections to get me into the art world. I am 36 years young and my dream is to become an artist, not just someone who makes art in their basement, but someone who successfully sells their art, and I will not give up on that dream! I would love to break into the world of mixed media art and maybe even have galley shows someday!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here's the second print!

Hello! I finally finished another of my botanical prints for the series, in between what seems like a million other projects. I will put it up for sale on Deviant Art shortly. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Starting a new line!

I am starting  new line of botanical prints. I am using primarily images from the graphics fairy and aging them, and adding brushes etc. I suppose they are photo manipulations, but not really?! So far I have one up for sale at Deviant art, hopefully I will have more up soon. Thank goodness fall semester is finally over!
So far it's boringly only called Butterflies and Caterpillars, maybe I will come up with a better title, maybe not!

Now I need to research printing methods so I can make prints to take to craft shows along with my jewelry- as soon as I get enough jewelry made to sell.

I guess I am always waiting for my bunny wings to take flight! Can't wait till I finally get out there!

Until next time!