Come follow my journey! I have no official art training and no real connections to get me into the art world. I am 36 years young and my dream is to become an artist, not just someone who makes art in their basement, but someone who successfully sells their art, and I will not give up on that dream! I would love to break into the world of mixed media art and maybe even have galley shows someday!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's about time!

It's about time I wrote a new post!

sorry about the absence. You see, I am trying to pack an entire household for our move. That's right, we got the house!
Needless to say, I am trying to figure out how to move an entire house since this will be my first time ever doing it, and we've been here for over 10 years, we've accumulated a lot of junk!

Boxes everywhere! (and the stuff seems to be mostly mine, why is that?) lol

So here I am in box land trying to be creative. So far I have made several necklaces I am going to try and sell, and several I want to keep for myself and several total flops! Practice makes perfect right?

I am toying with the idea of starting a year long challenge of trying to do something artistic/creative everyday, but I am not sure if I want to commit to that with moving and nursing classes and the kids blah blah blah. :)

So here are some flops and some I am keeping, lol! From right to left, I should have laid it down for the photo, but it is a birdcage with a small white bird inside, I added the bow and a tag that says Inspire. The second one is obviously an octopus. For some reason they have become popular in the steampunk world. If I can find more like it I will sell them. The next one is the first necklace piece I ever made-gotta keep that one! I made a second one and sent it to my Mom in Texas. The one up top is just something I was messing around with. The watch I found and added the tag. The blue one is a piece of fused glass I made with the kit I got for Christmas. I need to wait until we get in the new house to make more. Something with this one went kind of wrong on the side, you can't see it in the photo. It is one of the only ones that didn't break in the fusing process!

Here's the first piece I have sold. I only sold it to a friend for $2, but it's a start!

*happy dance*

The only other piece I sold was a print on Deviant Art and I mad like 36 cents. It is called the Fountain, you know from the movie. It''s a beautiful movie I recommend any of you creative type see it.

I did this piece a long time ago, it was actually one of my first photo-manipulations.

So here is my first batch of necklaces I am going to try and sell, I am not sure how long it will take me to get enough together to take to a craft show so I may try to sell them on Etsy. What do you think?

And here are several of my newest pieces, I have started to love found poetry!

And I leave you with a little bit of happy, because I'm quirky like that!

While on one of my recent excursions, I was just lucky enough to come across one of the most elusive finds in the world we live in...

Unicorn poo!

Have a great Day!!!


  1. Found poetry is afavorite of mine! Have you discovered "A Humument" by Tom Philips yet? Wonderfully inspired work he's doing in that same genre.
    As for the move + nursing + kids+ creating to sell + creating something new every day! Well...I must say, there are advantages to sleep as well LOL.
    I admire your creative stamina and purpose. Love the artwork, Btw--and you say it's one of your FIRST photo manipulations??? Wow!

    1. No I haven't heard of him, I will go look it up! I have been learning such wonderful things from such nice people since I have started blogging!
      I completely agree about sleeping, I just got up from a post-mothers day nap! LOL
      And thank you for your kind words!!!